Sven-Gabriel Schwalke
Sven-Gabriel Schwalke



Berlin has many faces and costumes.

Some of them I really like and those I will share with you.


Here, in the capital of Germany, are almost 4 mio. human beings with every kind of backround you could ever imagine. It is the melting pot of the western world the eastern culture, northern lights and passion from the south. The interesting mixture of students, natives, creatives and travellers in the 12 different districts and their sights won't let your excitment get less; even if you have already been living here for years or more.

You always will be surprised how special each day in this city can be. The work speaks for itself...


Structures, Symmetry, Compostitions and other diversities somtimes don't get much attention.

Here are a few examples, where the inner eye was catched by something unique.

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